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  Study to show thyself approved unto God, rigthly dividing the Word of Truth  

These bulletins are produced with a view to edifying the body of Christ in response to scriptures such as:

  1. Hebrews 3:13 "But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin".

  2. Hebrews 10:24   "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works".

Our prayers is that you will find these enriching in your walk with God.

Number & Title

001  The Ever Ready Christian

002  The Name of The Lord Is A Strong Tower

003  Jesus - The Alpha and Omega

004  Hedges of Fear

005  Lord, Lord

006  Possessing Your Inheritance By Force

007  God's Word Is Settled For Ever

008  Sowing Seeds of Gloriously Great Destiny

009  If The Lord Be God

010  Welcome To Your City Of Refuge

011  Keeping Your Lamp Burning Continually

012  The Rewards of Glad and Joyful Service

013  Cherishing The Cross - Christ's Victory Emblem

014  Living With Prophetic Destiny In View

015  Growing Through Love, Friendship and Fellowship

016  Making Your Dreams Come True

017  Obedience - The test of faith and pathway to blessings

018  Every Long Rope Has An End

019  Divine Priorities - The Number One

020  Ruling Your World Through Prayer With Fasting

021  Seeking God After The Due Order

022  Prosperity Through Obedience

023  The Great Challenge

024  God's Glory In God's House

025  Hezekiah - A Lilly Among Thorns

026  Starting, Continuing and Finishing Well

027  Emmanuel - God With Us

028  Braving For A Raving New Year

029  Divine Exchange For A Blossoming 2012

030  The pervasive Nature of Kingdom Life

031  Honouring God

032  Benefiting From The Royal Invitation

033  The King's Wedding Feast

034  Connecting With The Source Roll Away The Stone

035  Hell - The Eternal Destiny of Sinners

036  Heaven - The Eternal Destiny of Saints

037  Staying connected Through Holy Communion

038  The Holy Spirit For All

039  The Holy Spirit Makes A Difference

040   The Holy Spirit Our Helper In Prayer

041  Symbols of the Holy Spirit - Part 1 (Dove)

042  Symbols of the Holy Spirit - Part 2 (Fire and Wind)

043  The Power of The Holy Spirit

044  Symbols of the Holy Spirit - Part 3 (Cloud, Rain, Water and Rivers)

045  Strong Foundations For A Glorious Future

046  Ask Ye Of The Lord Rain

047  Symbols Of The Holy Spirit - Part 4 (Oil)

048  Symbols Of The Holy Spirit - Part 5 (Seal)

049  Symbols Of The Holy Spirit - Part 6 (Wine)

050  Praying In The Holy Ghost

051  The Fullness Of The Holy Ghost

052  Guidance of The Holy Spirit

053  The Holy Spirit Our Teacher

054  The Comfort of The Holy Spirit

055  Prayer That Rends Down The Heavens

056  The Holy Spirit Our Reminder

057  The Enlightenment By The Holy Spirit

058  Finding God At Your Moment of Need

059   Conditions For Answered Prayers

060  Holy Disturbance - Making Room For Jesus

061  Climb Into Your Divine Destiny One Step At A Time

062  The Dawn of A New Era

063  The Fruits of The Spirit

064  Effective Fervent Prayers

065  Holy Spirit Power for Service

066  Wisdom In Fruitfulness

067  Harvest Through Watering The Seeds With Tears

068  Abounding In The Fruit of Love

069  Brimming With The Fruit of Joy

070  Moving Mountains By Mustard Seed Faith

071  Bearing The Fruit of Peace

072  Longsuffering: The Route To Triumph

073  Freedom In The Truth

074  Greatness Through Gentleness

075  Faith - The Link between man and God

076  Goodness - God's Character in God's Children

077 Possessing Through Meekness

078 Gaining Mastery Through Temperance

079 - Restoration Through Prayers

080 - Moses is dead, now therefore arise

081 - My Presence Shall Go With Thee

083 - Unlocking Experience Through Knowledge

084 - Manifesting Faith Through Difficult Times

085 - Thy Will Be Done

087 - Transitioning Into 2015 with Hope On A Firm Foundation

088 - Behold, I am Here, Lord

090 - Divine Purpose My Mission

091 - Your Time To Rise And Shine

092 - Come Up Higher

093 - Power With God

094 - Winning The Battle For Destiny

095 - Jesus Is Alive

096 - Living In Christ's Resurrection Power

097 - Harvesting Your Treasure

098 - A Nail In His Holy Place

099 - Marvellous Jesus

100 - The Power of Christian Testimony


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