"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." (Revelation 12:11)

(Listed below are just a few of the numerous testimonies of divine favours enjoyed by worshippers at the church.  You too can be a partaker of these benefits as you worship regularly with us at:)



  1. Excellent First University Test Result
  2. Victory over Oppressive Attack
  3. God's Answer Exceed Expectations
  4. Victory of Health Challenges
  5. Nomination For Award at Work
  6. Admission into University
  7. Healing of headache
  8. Healing of phlegm
  9. Recovery of Lost Phone And New Job Contract
  10. Victory over temptation
  11. Dog lost for 5 Days Found After Prayers
  12. Dead fish alive after Prayers
  13. Desired Tracker and Phone after Prayers
  14. Spiritual Awakening
  15. Guidance to Value Offer
  16. Healing and Increase Employment Contract
  17. Fish Tank Decontaminated
  18. Gratefulness For God's Blessings
  19. Safe USA Trip and Victory
  20. Opressive Atmosphere Cleared
  21. Cleared of False Allegations
  22. Divine Faithfulness and New Job for Son
  23. Favour with mobile phone companies
  24. Good University Examination Results
  25. Success at employment interview
  26. Son's Success in Getting Into a Top Company's Graduate Programme
  27. Safe Delivery of a Baby
  28. Safety in Travels
  29. Healing of second leg corn
  30. New Tenants Moved into Property
  31. Blood pressure healed
  32. Business Contract Signed
  33. Healing of long term back problem
  34. Gratitude - Birthday and Son's Graduation Ceremony
  35. Divine Intervention in circumstances
  36. Victory over satanic thoughts
  37. Answered Prayers and Divine Sustenance
  38. Divine Protection in Car Accident
  39. Successful Release of Film
  40. Victory In Property Case
  41. Started a New Employment
  42. Employment of Son In A Top Global Firm
  43. Son resumes College Education
  44. Strength for Evangelism
  45. Successful Business Trip
  46. Recovery from sickness
  47. Excellent GCSE Results
  48. Progressive Healing of Voice
  49. Divine favour for a new fitted kitchen
  50. UK Visa for Son after Pastor Prayed for papers
  51. Medical Confirmation of Divine Healing
  52. Safety in Travels
  53. Divine Visitation and Deliverance
  54. Healing of Mum
  55. Divine Visitation
  56. Healing from Depression
  57. Provision and blessings
  58. Healing from Dizziness and lung problems
  59. Prophetic Ministration
  60. Success in getting a new job
  61. Healing + Excellent Results
  62. Healing of Rashes
  63. Cleared of False Accusation
  64. God's Goodness, Protection and Provisions
  65. Victory and Divine Healing
  66. Renewed Health and Divine Guidance
  67. Toothache of mother subsides after prayers
  68. Graduation Ceremony + Safety in Stormy Weather
  69. Success in M.Sc. Computer Degree Programme
  70. Success in Career and Salary Increase
  71. Healing within 30 minutes of prayers
  72. Success of Brother in Medical Exams
  73. Safe Journey for Husband
  74. Instant Healing of leg pain after forgiving
  75. Healing of headache
  76. Miraculous Natural Birth of Twins Instead of Caesarean Operation
  77. Safety In Travels
  78. Excellent Exam Results
  79. Successful A Level Results and Admission to University - 1
  80. Successful A Level Results and Admission to University - 2
  81. Deliverance of Children
  82. Breakthrough with Visa to UK
  83. Healing of lump on leg and restoration of ipod
  84. Divine protection of daughter while driving a car
  85. Completion of College
  86. Cessation of long standing problem
  87. Happy Stay in The U.K.
  88. Healing of Mother's Leg
  89. Deliverance and Healing
  90. Healing - No more allergy to milk
  91. Deliverance of brother in motor accident
  92. Recovery of lost phone
  93. Good Success in Exams
  94. Job Contract Extension + Promotion
  95. Tooth Ache Subsided + Sound Sleep After Prayers
  96. Exam Success
  97. Divine Favour with Employer
  98. Divine Help
  99. Favour with Management at Work regarding schedule
  100. Divine Healing
  101. Child Cleared Through Medical Test
  102. Deliverances and Breakthrough
  103. Healing and Recovery
  104. Safe Baby Delivery by Niece
  105. New Job and Clearance
  106. Salvation and Restoration
  107. Salvation of Daughter
  108. Excellent Success - First Class B.Sc. Degree in Engineering
  109. Deliverance of Husband Plane Crash
  110. Inspired and Challenged at Soulwinning Seminar
  111. Healing from Chest Pain
  112. Safe Overseas Travel
  113. Healing
  114. Recovery of the lost
  115. Appreciation of Blessings Through Church
  116. Healing from Leg Pains
  117. Career Success, Provisions and Protection
  118. Good Performance in School Test
  119. Passed Four College Test
  120. Successful wedding of brother
  121. Divine Favour in Job
  122. Healing After Prayers Medically Confirmed
  123. Heavy Burden Lifted During Worship Session at Church
  124. A Happy Birthday
  125. Protection in Accident
  126. Auntie healed after prayer
  127. Settling in well in College
  128. Wonderful Care and Love
  129. Prophetic Deliverance
  130. Delightful Fellowship
  131. Gift of A Baby
  132. Child births and manifold blessings
  133. Excellent GCSE Results 1
  134. Excellent GCSE Results 2
  135. Excellent GCSE Results 3
  136. Recovery of Mother from stroke
  137. Mother in law recovers from stroke
  138. Improvement In Health
  139. Lost Passport Delivered After Prayers
  140. Visa for mother
  141. Visa for mum and protection during burglary
  142. Divine Protection
  143. Safe Child Delivery and VISA approval
  144. Great Blessings at Easter Conference
  145. Victory and Deliverance at Easter Conference
  146. New Job In Answer To Prayers
  147. New Born Baby
  148. Transformation of Brother
  149. Healed of Pain and Insomnia
  150. Gratitude at Eighteenth Birthday
  151. Success In Getting Visa
  152. Healing of Eye Problem
  153. Pregnancy Okay
  154. Visa for Son
  155. Healing of Daughter and Good Start To New Career
  156. Divine Providence For Daughter
  157. Healing of Renal Condition of Sister
  158. Healing of Wrist Pain
  159. Healing of Long Standing Conditions
  160. Healing And Strength After Prayers
  161. Achievement of Career Aspiration
  162. Family and Career Progress
  163. A Brand New Man
  164. Employment for her and her sister In Answer to Prayers
  165. Healing
  166. Proving God Through Tithes And Offerings
  167. Good Performance At Career Interview
  168. Commencement of New Employment
  169. Healing of long standing stomach problem that defied medical treatment at Easter Conference
  170. Salvation of Spouse at Easter Conference
  171. Blessed Easter Conference and Salvation of Souls
  172. Healing and Good Performance in School Work
  173. Commencement of new job
  174. Good performance at examinations
  175. Protection From Motor Accident
  176. Good Examination Results
  177. Successful Eye Operation
  178. God Faithful In Keeping Covenants
  179. Son Granted Visa
  180. Safe Timely Child Birth and Divine Protection
  181. Safety In Overseas Trip
  182. Success In Getting A Desired Employment
  183. Recovery From Severe Sickness
  184. Safe Travels
  185. Healing of Stomach Problems
  186. Healing of Migraine after Prayers
  187. Son Starting University Education
  188. Daughter Starting School
  189. Divine Grace For Child Upbringing
  190. Feeling Better During Church Service
  191. A Star Grade from GCSE Mathematics Paper At Year 9
  192. A Star Grade from GCSE Mathematics Paper At Year 9
  193. A Grade from GCSE Mathematics Paper At Year 9
  194. Gratitude For The Blessings of God
  195. Sustained Miracles and Safety in Travels
  196. No More Bad News
  197. Headache Healed
  198. Deaths Averted
  199. Divine Preservation and Provision
  200. Genuinely Saved At Conference
  201. Blessings at Conference, Guidance and Healing
  202. Blessed at Conference and Boldness To Overcome Fear
  203. Healed of Insomnia After Prayers
  204. High Blood Pressure Reduced After Prayers
  205. Divine Intervention in Fire Incident
  206. Out of Depression To True Joy In Christ
  207. Preservation of Mother and Visa
  208. Safety in Child Delivery After Prayers
  209. Healed of High Blood Pressure After Being Prayed For
  210. Answered Prayer - Reconciliation With Son
  211. Healing of Leg Pain
  212. Top Score In Class Test
  213. Miraculous Healing After Ministration
  214. Victory In Court Case
  215. Excellent High School Test Results
  216. Career Breakthrough - Permanent Job after over 4 years on temporary ones
  217. Divine Grace Through Crisis
  218. Successful Surgery
  219. Answered Prayer In Getting A Job
  220. Academic Success - Passed M.Sc. with Merit

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