Vision And Mission

The vision and mission of The Victorious Christian Ministry is to promote the advancement of the Christian Faith through raising up an end time body of faithful Christians - a pure and holy church without spot or blemish who are committed to practically living out, in every facet of their public and private daily lives, the entire teachings of the Bible; so that they, serving as examples of true Spirituality, can become part of Christ's invincible end-time army dedicated to fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ - for every believer to go into all the world and teach all nations, people and races the word of God, and make disciples of them, thereby transforming them into the image and likeness of Christ.


Our aim is to raise up saintly Christian leaders who can honestly declare like John Wesley - "Give me a hundred men who love God with all their hearts, and fear nothing but sin, and I will move the world".


Our motto shall be "Living like Jesus - IN HIS STEPS".


Have you caught this vision yet? - Then join this army!

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