“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…” (Revelation 12:11)

(Listed below are just a few of the numerous testimonies of divine favours enjoyed by worshippers at the church.  You too can be a partaker of these benefits as you worship regularly with us at:)

Divine Wisdom At Work & Relationships
Healing and recovery of relation
Divine Prevention of Accident
Divine Prompting To Pray & Orchestration of circumstances
Promotion, Bonus and Room Refurbishment
Edified at Christian Meetup Services and Financial Breakthrough
Regained ability to walk + Learnt to trust in Jesus
God came through in all the challenges of life.
God’s word helps and edifies
Gratefulness for sustenance, Contentment and Protection
Positive End Of Year Work Review
Record Charity Fund Raising For Company
Restoration of Energy
Healing and Recovery
New Job Going Well
New Job, New Car and A Happy Mother
Success at Career Progression Job Interview
Positive Work Feedback on research with a University
Research Opportunity at Work
Divine Healing
Improvements in health and focus
Healing of Muscular-skeletal pains
Divine Peace, Joy and Comfort
Success At Work
Divine Leading and Provision Despite Work Pressures
Divine Faithfulness, Safety & Protection
Divine Guidance at Work
Healings + First Class Pass for Son
Success In Pharmacy Assessment
Love, Guidance and Protection
First Class University Degree and nomination for award
Grace to cope with pressures at work
Healing of Neck Pains After Prayers
Computer problems resolved
Passed Bar Exam, Good Job and All Going Well
Protection From Car Accident
Divine Answers To Questions Of Life
Opportunities in disguise
Job Contract extension – promotion
Glorious Journey to salvation
Divine sign that can not be denied
Visitation by Jesus
Spiritual insight – miracle on phone
A life changed by God
Diabetic symptoms reversed
Victory and divine healing
Recovery of lost phone
Cleared of false accusation
Graduation Ceremony – Safety in stormy weather
Deliverance and breakthroughs
Miraculous Self-delivery of twins instead of by Cesarean section
Success in M.Sc. Computer Programme
Healing for Self and Family
Victory over satanic attacks
Victory Over Self
The Miracle of Child Birth (Madison)
Good Academic Performance
Seeing Jesus In Creation
Manuscript Accepted For Publication
Birth Of Miracle Baby
Winner of UK Regional Award
First Class University Result + Work Experience Placement
Miraculous Provision At The Right Time
Success In law exam with recommendation
All Clear Health Check
Everything So Amazing With Jesus
Miracle of Fasting
Winner of National Women In Property Award
Healing and God’s Presence
A Great Year At Work
Healed of Lactose Intolerance
Breakthrough and Healing
Free From Lactose Intolerance
Bowel Obstruction Cleared + Vision of sign of cross
Still Free From Lactose Intolerance and Spiritual Growth
Healing of unborn baby – part 1
Healing of Unborn Baby – Part 2
Victory over satanic thoughts
Successful Trip
Successful release of film
Studio Contract Signed
Protection From Accident
God’s Goodness and Daughter’s Success
Answered Prayers and Divine Sustenance
God’s Goodness, Protection and Provisions
Employment In Top Global Company
Divine Help
Healing of Headache
UK Visa For Son After Prayers
Recovery from sickness
Safety in Travels
Success In Getting A New Job
Safety In Travels
Safe Journey For Husband
Birthday and Son’s Graduation
Safety In Travels
Success At Graduate Scheme Programme For Son
God’s Faithfulness and new job for son
Cleared of all allegations
Travel Victory and Safety
Grateful for God’s blessings
Healed of Depression
Child Cleared after medical test
Renewed Health and Answered Prayers
Healing and Excellent Results
Excellent Exam Results
Got A Job
Healing and increased employment contract
Healing of lump on leg and restoration of ipod
Excellent GCSE Results
Lost Dog for five days found after prayers
Admission To University
God’s Answers Exceed Expectations
Excellent First University Test Results
Birthday and Safe Foreign Trip
Miraculous Resumption of monthly cycle after prayers
Success In Career and Salary Increase
100% Test scores – twice after prayers
100% Test pass after prayers
Trophy For Excellent School Work
Divine Intervention in circumstances
Blood Pressure Healed
Safe Delivery of Baby
Healing of Dizziness,lungs, etc.
Healing of mother’s leg
Divine protection in Car Accident
Healing – no more allergic to milk
Medical Confirmation of Divine Healing
Divine Healing
Divine Visitation
Healing and Recovery
Deliverance of brother in motor accident
Healing of thumb and leg
Victory In Property Case
Cessation of long standing problems
Divine Visitation and Deliverance
Divine Deliverance from vehicle accident
Success of brother in medical exam
Strength for evangelism
Toothache of mum subsides after prayers
Back Problem Healed
New Tenant at flat
Healing of second leg corn
Oppressive Atmosphere cleared
Fish Tank Decontaminated
Resurrection of dead fish after prayers
Healing of Phlegm
Tax Refund From Government
Prophetic Ministration
Lost Horsed found
Preservation of Daughters life in accident
Healing of wife after prayer
Healing of rashes
Divine Favour with employer
Favour with management at work regarding shift
Good Success in exams
Healing within minutes of prayer
Successful A Levels and Admission To University
Good University Exam Results
Happy Stay In UK
Deliverance and Healing
Spiritual Awakening
Victory Over Temptations
New Passion For Computer Science
Deliverance of children
Started New Employment
Son resumes college education
Breakthrough In Visa To UK
Provision and blessings
Healing of leg pain after forgiving
Healing of mum
Tooth ache subsided + sound sleep after prayers
Progressive Healing of voice
Divine Favour For A New Fitted Kitchen
Divine Intervention
Recovery of lost bank cards
Delivered By Jesus
Successful A Levels and Admission To University – 2
Completed Sixth Form College
Success At Employment Interview
Guidance To Value Offer
Desired Tracker And Phone After Prayers
Recovery of lost phone and new job contract
Healing of Headache
Nomination For Award
Victory Over Health Challenges
Divine Guidance Through Dream
Healing of lump
Passed Driving Test
Healing, overcoming of fear and Sharing Faith
Save motorway driving
Opportunities in disguise
Job contract extension and promotions
Glorious Journey To Salvation
Divine sign that cannot be denied
Spiritual Insight and miracle on phone
A Life Changed By God
Diabetic Symptoms reversed through Keto Zone Diet
Victory and divine healing
Recovery of lost phone
Cleared of false accusation
Graduation Ceremony and safety in stormy weather
Deliverance and breakthrough
Miraculous delivery of twins without cesarean section
Success In M.Sc. Computer Programme